Emergency Ride Home Program

The Emergency Ride Home Program reimburses eligible faculty/staff commuters for a qualified emergency ride home a maximum of four times in a fiscal year. To learn more about this program or to submit your Emergency Ride Home reimbursement form, please visit the Office of Sustainability website

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Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (P.A.R.T.) Vanpool

This program provides eligible groups of five or more commuters with a van to use to commute to and from work. The monthly cost is divided among the riders. P.A.R.T. vanpools must originate or conclude their trip in one of P.A.R.T.’s member counties.

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Share the Ride NC is an Elon-specific ride sharing service available to Elon University students, faculty and staff to help them find a carpool partner to share the ride to campus, the airport, the beach or wherever they might be traveling. Use your Elon email address to register your account, create your trip profile and find your matches. It is that easy!

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NC by Train

NC by Train provides train schedules, station information and the ability to reserve tickets for intercity passenger routes along 16 stops in North Carolina. The Burlington station is about 10 minutes from Elon’s campus.

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Buses & Shuttles

There are a number of buses and shuttles that stop in Elon.

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