Elon University offers a couple of options for transportation after the Elon Express system has stopped service.


The E-Ride program provides one way rides for students from on campus to off campus residences and from on campus locations to other on campus locations (bars excluded), within a mile and a half radius from the Moseley Center. The purpose of the E-Ride program is to give students a safe transportation option back to their residence. The E-Ride program operates Monday-Thursday (7pm-2am) and Friday (7pm-12am). A ride may be requested by calling Campus Safety and Police at (336) 278-5555.  This service is provided by an Elon University Transportation team member.

Security Escort Service

The office of Safety and Police will provide an Escort Service from 7pm-7am to and from on-campus locations.  Students may request an escort on campus by calling Campus Safety and Police at (336) 278-5555.