Bailiff Volunteer Form – Intramural Moot Court Competition – Spring 2019

Thank you for your interest in serving as a bailiff for the 12th annual Elon Law Intramural Moot Court Competition on Tuesday, May 28, Wednesday, May 29 and Monday, June 3. We anticipate over 50 students competing, and the bailiffs make sure each round runs smoothly for our competitors. Your participation is crucial to the success of the competition, and the Moot Court Board is very appreciative of your support. Serving as a bailiff is a great way to help your fellow students and a great learning experience.

Bailiffs act as the administrator for oral argument rounds. Before the round, they make sure the competitors are situated and ready to begin and that the judges have score sheets on the bench, escort the judges to the courtroom and call the case before the Court. During the rounds, bailiffs keep the time for the oral argument, informing the competitors of their time by displaying a card when there is five, three, and one minute remaining. When time has expired, the bailiff will hold a card that says ‘STOP.’ At the end of the round, bailiffs adjourn the court, collect score sheets from the judges and clear the courtroom. Each bailiff will receive an instruction sheet and there will be a training session.

Each oral argument round lasts approximately 60 minutes, with a short break between rounds. We would ask, if possible, that you bailiff for two rounds, but if you can only bailiff one round, that would be much appreciated. We request that each bailiff arrive at least fifteen minutes before his or her scheduled round. You will receive more information about where and when to report several days ahead of the round.

If you have any questions, please contact the Bailiff Recruitment & Training Chairs for this year’s Intramural Competition, Hannah Tombaugh ( and Karah Yager (, or the overall Chairs of the Competition, Haley Lohr ( or Kelli Rawlinson (

Thanks for your assistance.

Dean Woodlief