Amanda Sturgill featured in FOX8 report on the spread of misinformation ahead of midterm elections

Sturgill, associate professor of journalism, spoke with FOX8 on the spread of misinformation online ahead of the November elections.

Amanda Sturgill, associate professor of journalism.

Associate Professor of Journalism Amanda Sturgill spoke with FOX8 about the spread of misinformation ahead of the November midterm elections.

Sturgill said that with the amount of time most people spend online, false ads or posts can affect their perception of a candidate without even realizing it. Sturgill said it’s also getting harder for spot fake images.

“What that means for people who are consumers of news and want to be engaged citizens and thoughtful voters … they need to get better at asking questions about the information that they’re getting,” Sturgill told FOX8.

The full article and segment can be found here.