WXII’s Local Vibe highlights Elon University Speaker Series

Jeff Clark, executive director of cultural and special programs, spoke with WXII's The Local Vibe on the what the Speaker Series offers to campus and the community.

The Elon University Speaker Series, presented by WUNC, was the topic of a recent segment from WXII’s The Local Vibe. The lineup for the second half of the academic year includes Emmy award-winning journalist Sanjay Gupta, award-winning actress and activist Ashley Judd and neuroscientist Indira Turney.

“We’re always looking for people who are in the upper echelon of their fields,” said Jeff Clark, executive director of cultural and special programs, during the segment. “We also look for people who have interesting things to say, things that we can learn from. It’s also a celebration of the diversity of our campus and our community.”

Pulitzer Prize-finalist Tommy Orange kicked off the Speaker Series for 2023, discussing the power of story and his bestselling debut novel, “There There” on Tuesday, Jan. 10. The next event in the Speaker Series is Indira Turney on March 6, followed by Sanjay Gupta on March 28 and Ashley Judd on April 13.

Visit the university’s full cultural calendar to learn about additional speakers as well as a wide range of musical, theatrical, artistic and other intellectually engaging events.