WGHP FOX8 highlights Elon’s ‘Remembering the Holocaust’ Winter Term course in Europe

Reporter Bob Buckley talked with Associate Professor Rich Landesberg, who leads the course, and students who participated.

A new report by WGHP FOX8 highlights the power of Elon University’s “Remembering the Holocaust” course, which takes more than two dozen Elon students to sites of the Holocaust around Europe each Winter Term.

Rich Landesberg, associate professor of journalism

Associate Professor of Journalism Rich Landesberg has helped lead the course for more than a dozen years, and told FOX8 Reporter Bob Buckley that it helps make the tragedy, terror and cruelty of the Holocaust real for students who are removed from that period of history by generations.

“I think any of us professors or students who go to these concentration camps, who come from a Jewish background, take one look at it and say, ‘That could have been me’,” said Elon professor Rich Landesberg who helps lead the trip each January. “You know that if you were born in a different place at a different time, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

Elon student Sydney Abeshaus ’25 told Buckley that a room in the first camp they visited had the names of many of the people who died there, and that made a powerful impact. In a barracks they visited, she saw posters on the wall, one of which had a necklace with the Star of David very similar to one she was wearing.

“It was very impactful to see all of those names around me,” she said.

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