#Elon27: Class of 2027 arrives TODAY

As Elon prepares to welcome the incoming Class of 2027 and transfer students, here is what they will have to look forward to, as well as valuable information and resources to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Elon University will soon welcome the Class of 2027 with the annual Move-in Day event that will bring the university’s dormant campus back to life. Over 200 faculty and staff volunteers and 400 student leaders will help all 1,688 first-year students get settled into their new homes on Friday, Aug. 18.

Move-In Day for the Class of 2026 at Elon University, August 19, 2022.

“Move-in Day is one of the most exciting days of the year. It marks the culmination of hard work students have put forth along their journey to get to Elon University. The energy is palpable throughout campus and on behalf of the faculty, staff and student leaders who have been working hard the past year to prepare for this day, we are incredibly excited to welcome you to campus,” said Emily Krechel, director of New Student Programs.

The Class of 2027 has a collective GPA of 4.08. Twenty percent of the class identify as ALANAM (African American, Latino/Hispanic, Asian Pacific Islander, Native American, Alaska Native and multiracial), 10% as first-generation students, 12% as LGBTQIA and 7% as international students. Compared to last year, there has been growth in the number of ALANAM, LGBTQIA and international students.

The incoming students hail from 43 states and 15 countries, including the United States. Among the new students are 87 transfer students, nearly 400 early decision students, 40 engineering students, 50 students entering Elon’s four-year nursing program and 21 students joining the 16-month accelerated nursing program.

Just as last year, students have been assigned a specific move-in time on Friday, Aug. 18 between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. This year, about 300 students who applied via Early Decision will move in between 2 to 4 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 17. They should check their Acorn Account for their specific date and time. At their time, they are instructed to proceed to the Schar Center for our centralized check-in. At the Schar Center, faculty and staff volunteers will confirm their complaint with all health requirements before giving them their new student packet which will include their room key, Phoenix Card, all orientation materials and other important items. After finishing all the necessary steps at the Schar Center, students and their families will proceed to their designated location for move-in.

Move-In Day for the Class of 2026 at Elon University, August 19, 2022.

Each neighborhood has a unique driving pattern for internal traffic flow making it essential that families arrive to campus at their designated time for an efficient move-in experience. Orientation staff, student staff and campus police will be in place to manage the flow of traffic and explain the unloading and parking process for each neighborhood. Students and families do not need to worry about being able to unload as they will have many hands to assist in transporting items. A move-in map with driving directions can be found here.

Later on Friday, incoming students will meet with their orientation leaders, who are returning Elon students and serve as guides through New Student Orientation and beyond. Throughout the weekend, New Student Orientation includes scheduled times for the orientation leaders to meet with new students and address any questions or issues they may have. Additionally, there will be many important sessions throughout orientation that all new students are expected to attend. These important topics are essential to students’ successful transition into the Elon community.

Move-In Day for the Class of 2026 at Elon University, August 19, 2022.

The complete list of activities during orientation weekend, including Late Night Elon, the Family Send-off Picnic and Koury Kickoff, can be found here. A final schedule is included in the new student packet.

The highlight of Saturday is New Student Convocation at 9 a.m. Under the Oaks, a grove of oak trees in the heart of campus which is the backdrop for many important university events. Convocation serves as the official start of the Elon careers for the Class of 2027 and the transfer students joining the Elon community. President Connie Ledoux Book will welcome the students as they embark on their journeys at the university.

Convocation begins with students gathering in Alumni Gym to hear from Vice President of Student Life Jon Dooley before walking through Alamance Building where they will pass the bell that hung in Old Main before the building was destroyed in the fire of 1923, a remembrance of Elon’s resilience.

Another treasured tradition incoming students will partake in is receiving their acorns. Since 1999, students have received acorns at New Student Convocation as a symbol of their intellectual and personal growth over the next four years. As graduating seniors, students will receive an oak sapling, cementing the transformation they underwent at Elon.

Each student receives an acorn at the conclusion of New Student Convocation.

Midday on Saturday, students will get to spend quality time with their families at the Family Send-off at one of three locations — West Koury Lawn, West Moseley Center or Martin Alumni Center.

Families can purchase wristbands for the Family Send-off Picnic for $20 and new student T-shirts at Orientation Headquarters in the Moseley Center for $10. Students will receive their wristband to the picnic from their Orientation Leader. Pre-ordered wristbands are included in the new student packet. Students will receive pre-ordered T-shirts at their first meeting with their Orientation Leader.

On Sunday, students will participate in the “I Am Elon” event at 10:10 a.m. in Alumni Gym about the multiple identities that students have and how they affect our daily lives. The event aims to help students consider the diverse perspectives at Elon and reflect on their own identities as they become a part of the Elon community.

The Office of New Student Programs is excited to have students support Phoenix Athletics in their first weekend on campus as a Phoenix Tailgate & Picnic will be hosted at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday ahead of a women’s soccer game against Wofford at 6:30 p.m. at Rudd Field.

New students sign a pledge of honor on Young Commons following the Call to Honor ceremony.

On Monday, Aug. 21, the Class of 2027 and transfer students will commit to Elon’s Honor Code during the Call to Honor ceremony. Each incoming class represents one of the four pillars of the Elon Honor Code — honesty, integrity, responsibility and respect. Students will sign their name on a poster with the Elon Honor Code and receive a commemorative coin engraved with the word “honor.”

Classes for the fall 2023 semester begin on Tuesday, Aug. 22.

“Elon’s move-in experience embodies our value of community as you witness and experience the entire community coming together to welcome new students and their families to campus,” Krechel said. “It is remarkable to behold.”