Amanda Sturgill featured in WRAL News article on spotting AI-generated political ads

Sturgill, associate professor of journalism, provided insights in the Oct. 23 article from WRAL News.

Amanda Sturgill, associate professor of journalism.

Amanda Sturgill, associate professor of journalism, was featured in a recent report from WRAL News on spotting fabricated AI-generated political ads.

Last year, a mysterious political group commissioned an ad attacking Republican congressional candidate Bo Hines using a fake rendering of him, portraying Hines as a liberal. Hines said the ad defrauded votes and since then, AI has advanced and been used more in political ads.

Sturgill told reporter Paul Specht that “being an informed electorate just got a lot harder.”

“You can actually put stuff into videos or into photos that wasn’t there to begin with,” Sturgill said. “But you can also make something whole cloth out of nothing.”

The full article can be read on the WRAL News website.