Elon faculty member to return to Jeopardy! as champion TONIGHT

Marko Saric, an instructor in mathematics, is a contestant on the popular and long-running game show in the episode scheduled to air on Thursday, April 18.

Since he was seven years old, Marko Saric has wanted to step onto the set of Jeopardy! and test his knowledge with the cameras rolling. He was inspired at the time by Ken Jennings, who was in the midst of a 74-game winning streak.

And now viewers have seen that dream come true, as Saric picked up his buzzer and provided his best questions to answers offered up by Jennings, now the host. Be sure to tune in (check your local listings) to catch Saric continuing to test his skills against his competitors in the most recent episode of the popular and long-running game show. Saric won his initial appearance on the show on Thursday, April 18, and after another win on Friday, April 19, he returns as champion tonight.

Saric participated in quiz bowl bouts in high school and college and decided to take a shot at a spot on Jeopardy! by completing the show’s “Anytime Test,” a 50-question quiz to help identify future competitors seeking to appear on the Alex Trebek Stage.

“After a few emails, another 50-question quiz, and two more rigorous Zoom auditions, I finally got the call in February to appear on the show,” Saric said “It truly felt like I was stepping inside the TV set of my childhood home from 2004, with all the producers, past contestants, roaring audience members, and bright lights ready to make some TV magic.

Saric said he gained many new friends through his appearance on the show. “In addition to being religious J! viewers like myself, they were just good humans at their core, being supportive through the filming process and making my 20-year dream all worth it,” Saric said.