Students selected for top Elon Law journals

Twenty-nine members of the Class of 2025 demonstrated their legal writing skills this spring during a pursuit of membership in the Elon Law Review and the We The People journal, Elon University School of Law's student-run scholarly publications.

Professor David S. Levine has announced the names of Elon Law students in the Class of 2025 selected for membership to the Elon Law Review and to We The People – Elon Law’s Constitutional Law Journal.

Elon Law Review

  • Olivia Hughes
  • Taylor Rockwood
  • Thomas Krapp
  • Frank Edwards
  • Saniya Pangare
  • John Bailey
  • Delaney O’Neill
  • Jacqueline Yates May
  • Landon Eckard
  • Ivey Schofield
  • Sophie White
  • Micah Stone
  • Harrison Nugent
  • Anna Thomas
  • Cameron Riordan
  • Christopher Siefke

The Elon Law Review was established in 2008 as the student-run and student-edited scholarly journal of the Elon University School of Law. With each issue, the Elon Law Review strives to advance legal education and scholarship through the contribution of intelligent discussion and analysis of the law. In addition to publishing an annual issue that examine novel and significant topics of legal scholarship, the Elon Law Review hosts a yearly symposium on an emerging topic in the legal community.

Professor David S. Levine and Associate Professor Eric Fink serve as advisors to the Elon Law Review.

We The People – Elon Law’s Constitutional Law Journal

  • Briana Miller
  • McKenna Longo
  • Dmitri McKinney
  • Gavin Russell
  • Tyler Sherrill
  • Samantha Reid
  • Nathan Tessau
  • Whitney Cronin
  • Brigid Tournoux
  • Madison Gilbert
  • Darci Sharpe
  • Jordan Holloway
  • Elizabeth Allred

We the People – Elon Law’s Constitutional Law Journal aspires to promote the contribution of intelligent discussion and analysis of the U.S. Constitution and constitutional law-related issues. The online journal was founded in 2022, aiming to foster healthy dialogue on timely legal issues in a respectful manner that its founders observed is often missing in contemporary debate.

Professors David S. Levine and Scott Gaylord serve as advisors to We the People.