Task Force Working Groups

Instruction and the Classroom, Lab and Studio

This working group is considering various models for organizing fall semester (including contingency plans for each model), means to reduce people density in instructional spaces, modes of hybrid instruction that might make sense in specific circumstances (such as faculty with vulnerable medical conditions), and new means of support for teaching that the university should anticipate.

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Health Maintenance

This working group will focus on all medical, health-related, and safety issues regarding COVID-19 throughout the Elon campus, including the School of Law. The purview of this working group includes testing and tracing protocols, setting social distancing recommendations (including maximum attendance at campus events), preparing Health Services and Counseling Services for the COVID-19 era, PPE purchasing, planning for continued campus sanitation, planning for isolation quarters for COVID-19 positive students, interpreting CDC, Federal and State guidelines, and making recommendations about the establishment of new COVID-19-related policies and protocols.

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The Campus Experience, Alumni and External Communities

This working group will focus on the many dimensions, activities and facilities of campus life outside the classroom, including Belk Library, orientation, residence life, dining, athletics, alumni and parent programs (including Homecoming and Evenings for Elon), admissions, meetings of advisory boards and councils, and coordination with the Town of Elon and the City of Burlington.

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