Elon University Monogram

The Elon University monogram E was adopted in 2016 to provide a distinctive symbol for a wide variety of uses, both institutional and athletic. The mark is a modern version of the block letter E that has been used throughout Elon’s history, most prominently by the athletics “E Club,” which dates back to the early years of the 20th century. Today’s monogram is a stylized letter in the university colors of maroon and gold, using the Tautz font that is part of the Phoenix athletics identity.

The monogram should be used as a graphic file and not created using Tautz font in a word processing or graphics program. This monogram may not be altered or changed in any way. This includes altering color, proportion, distortion of the mark as well as adding or changing additional words or symbols. The word “Elon” should not be paired directly (within the monogram’s clear space) with the monogram to create a new university signature. However, the word “Elon” should appear somewhere on the publication, sign or banner, article of clothing or other item bearing the monogram mark.

Download the Elon monogram in a variety of formats.


The Elon Monogram E

Monogram Example