Elon University Signatures

The Elon University signatures are a combination of the Elon wordmark with a unique shield adopted in 2016. The maroon-and-gold shield includes a stylized flame-leaf icon. Half of the flame-leaf is made up of the shape of an oak leaf, symbolizing the connection to the university’s name; Elon is the Hebrew word for oak and the college was founded in a grove of stately oak trees in 1889. The other half of the icon is made up of flames, symbolizing the historic fire that destroyed Elon’s main building in 1923. The college rose from the ashes of that fire to become today’s thriving institution, providing the inspiration for the athletics mascot, the Phoenix. The flame-leaf evokes a spirit of personal growth and transformation, which is the hallmark of an Elon education.

The signatures should be used as graphic files and not created from scratch in a word processing or graphics program. These signatures may not be altered or changed in any way. This includes altering color, proportion, distortion of the logo as well as adding or changing additional words or symbols. Do not create, recreate or personalize additional files.

Download the Elon signatures in a variety of formats.

Please note: The shield, and by extension the flame-leaf icon, is primarily used along with Elon’s wordmark. The shield may be used as a stand-alone mark only in specific instances approved by the Office of University Communications.

Elon Primary Signature

Primary Signature Example

Elon Primary Signature – One-Line

primary signature one line example

Elon Primary Signature – Centered

primary signature centered example

Elon Secondary Signature

secondary signature example

Elon Secondary Signature – Centered

secondary signature centered example