Elon University Wordmarks

The Elon University wordmarks are created in the classic Bembo font, which has been used by Elon since the 1990s. Bembo was originally designed in Venice, Italy, in 1495 and revived in 1929. It is considered to be a timeless, elegant and highly legible font.

The size, spacing and colors of the letters in the Bembo font are set especially for the Elon wordmarks. The wordmarks should be used as graphic files and not created using Bembo in a word processing program. These wordmarks may not be altered or changed in any way. This includes altering color, proportion, distortion of the logo as well as adding or changing additional words or symbols. Do not create, recreate or personalize additional files.

Download the Elon wordmarks in a variety of formats.


Elon Primary Wordmark

example primary wordmark

Elon Primary Wordmark – One-Line

example primary wordmark on one line

Elon Secondary Wordmark

example secondary wordmark