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Elon University provides comprehensive response to issues of violence, bias, harassment and hate. A confidential advocate can listen to your experience, discuss options and resources, and help support you through processes should you choose to engage with them. If you are seeking confidential advocacy for incident of violence, bias, or harassment, please contact AK Krauss, Coordinator for Violence Response at akrauss3@elon.edu or (336)278-5009, or contact Safeline 24/7 at 336-278-3333.

Sexual and Relationship Violence Response

Elon University recognizes that people of all genders, sexualities, races, and abilities experience interpersonal violence, and deserve culturally humble care. If you have experienced sexual violence, relationship violence, or stalking, there are resources available to you, whether it occurred during your time as a student, staff, or faculty member or before coming to Elon. To be directed to a confidential advocate to discuss options for support, please email akrauss3@elon.edu or call our 24/7 hotline Safeline at 336-278-3333.

Sexual Violence:

Sexual violence can range from sexual harassment (such as unwanted/ inappropriate sexual remarks or physical advances) to sexual assault (non-consensual sexual contact) to sexual exploitation.

Interpersonal Violence:

This is also referred to as relationship violence, domestic violence, or intimate partner violence. Interpersonal violence occurs when one person tries to control the other through emotional, physiological, or physical means.


A pattern of repeated, unwanted attention that causes fear or concern for one’s own safety or the safety of others. Stalking can occur in person, as well as through technology like social media, texting, etc.

Sexual Exploitation:

A type of sexual violence that is any non-consensual or abusive sexual advantage of another for their own advantage or benefit, or to benefit or advantage of others, and that behavior does not otherwise constitute one of the other sexual misconduct.

Options for survivors or victims of gender-based violence:

Students may also call Safeline for immediate needs in instances of identity-based bias. For other options and support for students related to identity-based bias response, please visit the page below.

Visit the OIEED Bias Response page