Options for Reporting

There are many options for reporting gender-based violence and there is no one right way to report. You can choose what is best for you based on the resources you are interested in and what level of privacy feels most comfortable for you.

Confidential Resources:

Utilizing a confidential resource can be a helpful way to learn about all of the options for reporting and processes available to those who have experienced sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking. These resources do not disclose the identity of those who use their resources. There are some limits to this confidentiality. If a child or elder was harmed or witnessed an instance of sexual violence or relationship violence, confidentiality must be broken.

  • Safeline (24/7 Hotline) – 336-278-3333
  • Assistant Director for Violence Response – 336-278-5009 or or the Associate Director for the Gender & LGBTQIA Center – 336-278-7285
  • Counseling Services – 336-278-7280 to schedule an appointment
  • Counselor on Call (24/7 Hotline) 336-278-2222
  • CrossRoads Sexual Assault Response and Resource Center (24/7 Hotline)– 336-228-0360
  • Family Abuse Services (24/7 Hotline) – 336-226-5985

Report to Title IX:

Identifying information of involved individuals and Title IX reports are kept private. In most cases, reporting to Title IX does not immediately result in any action from the university without the reporting party’s permission. Reporting to Title IX gives survivors options for investigations and/ or remedies and interim measures. An individual does NOT have to report to police in order to report to Title IX. Those who report to Title IX will receive a reach out email from the Director of HR Compliance, Equal Opportunity & Title IX.

  • Report Online
  • Title IX Coordinator (Megan Karbley) – 336-278-5787 or email mkarbley@elon.edu.
  • Report to any Elon University “responsible employee/mandatory reporter” under Title IX

For more information about reporting to Title IX or the Title IX process, call Safeline at 336-278-3333, contact the Assistant Director for Violence Response at 336-278-5009, or read Elon’s Title IX Policy here.

Report to Police

Police reports are public record.  A victim/survivor may file initial reports with law enforcement without filing charges. Filing a police report allows the survivor to potentially choose to pursue legal accountability. If a victim decides not to press charges the initial report will still become public record but the victim’s name will not be included. To report to police, contact the police department of the town/ city the violence occurred in.

  • Law Enforcement – 9-1-1
  • Campus Safety and Police – 336-278-5555; Oaks Commons, 416 North Williamson Avenue, Elon, NC 27244
  • Elon Town Police – 336-584-1301; 104 South Williamson Avenue, Elon, NC 27244
  • Burlington Police Department – 336-229-3500; 267 West Front Street, Burlington, NC 27215

To learn more about how to report, the reporting process, or to seek confidential support while reporting, please call Safeline at 336-278-3333 or email AK Krauss at akrauss3@elon.edu.