Remedies and Interim Measures

Many survivors want to use resources but do not want to go through the process of an investigation. That is totally okay and there are still options that are available to you! Survivors can seek out many remedies and interim measures that do not require full investigations through reporting to the Title IX Office and contacting the Assistant Director for Violence Response at Depending on who is involved in the incident and what would make you feel most safe, remedies and interim measures can include:

  • Getting a cease contact directive (if the person who did the harm is a student)
  • Being switched into a new dorm or university-owned living space
  • Coordination with faculty around academic needs
  • Trespassing the perpetrator from the university (if the the person who did the harm is not a student)
  • Assistance with getting a medical leave
  • Withdrawals from courses
  • Temporary parking passes

Learn More About Interim Measures

Have questions? Call Safeline at 336-278-3333 or email the Assistant Director for Violence Response. To report to Title IX, click here.