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Geoffrey Claussen publishes on dangerous visions of 'repairing the world'

Claussen's paper was published in "Tikkun Olam: Judaism, Humanism & Transcendence", edited by David Birnbaum and Martin S. Cohen  

Geoffrey Claussen, Lori and Eric Sklut Emerging Scholar in Jewish Studies and an assistant professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Elon University, published a paper on militant Jewish fundamentalism titled “Pinhas, the Quest for Purity, and the Dangers of Tikkun Olam.”  

The paper appears in the volume Tikkun Olam: Judaism, Humanism & Transcendence, edited by David Birnbaum and Martin S. Cohen (New Paradigm Matrix, 2015).

Claussen argues that “the popular Jewish idea that human beings are obligated to ‘repair the world’ (to engage in "tikkun olam") is a valuable idea and, also, a dangerous idea. It can inspire much good but also, potentially, much evil. While visions of "tikkun olam" may reflect humility, thoughtfulness, and justice, they are often marked by arrogance, overzealousness, and injustice.”

An online version of the paper is available here.

11/29/2015 10:30 PM