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Elon's staff retirees recognized

The nine staff members who retired in the 2015-16 academic year were recognized at Staff Appreciation Day in Alumni Memorial Gymnasium on Friday, May 27.

Faye Conally, Switchboard Operator

Faye Conally came to Elon as a student in the fall of 1960 and soon after began employment in the Registrar’s Office. Conally met her husband during her time working here and recalls working in the Office of the President when Leo M. Lambert first arrived as especially exciting.

She said what she will miss most is seeing, talking and working with some of the nicest people she has ever known. She retired on Jan. 1 and plans to spend “as much time as possible” with her family now that her days are free. She also plans on continuing to attend many of the sporting events on campus.

Ron Klepcyk, Director of Human Resources

Ron Klepcyk came to Elon in January 1978 as a staff member hired under the Advanced Institutional Development program (AIDP), a federal grant designed to help institutions develop and strengthen programs. In 1982 he became associate dean of student affairs, and just one year later was promoted to dean of student affairs. After 10 years as dean, he became director of human resources, a role he held from 1993 until he retired in July 2015.

“Clearly what I’ll miss most about Elon is the people with whom I worked over my 37 years at the university,” he said. “They have been responsible for the evolution of the university from a small private institution to the success it now enjoys as one of the top private institutions in the country.”

Now that he is retired, Klepcyk is staying busy. He was recently re-elected to a fifth four-year term on the Town of Elon's Board of Aldermen where he is currently serving as Mayor Pro-Tem. He plans on staying connected and involved with the university and the wonderful programs he helped build.

John Miles, Community Service Officer

John Miles began working at Elon in May 2004. After spending his childhood in Elon, Miles decided it would be a nice to work in a familiar community. He worked as a community service officer for Campus Safety and the Police for 11 years and retired in September 2015.

He calls Elon “one of the greatest learning institutions that anyone could ever find” and enjoyed the family atmosphere he felt while working at Elon. Now that he is retired, he said he is fully committed himself to being a “’true minister and witness of the lord and savior Jesus Christ,” whom he says has made him into who he is today.

Sara Peterson, Director of Donor Relations

Sara Peterson’s first day at Elon was on September 21, 1993. She started out as director of corporate and foundation relations and prospect research and remained in that position until 1996. For 12 years, Peterson was assistant and then senior assistant to the president. During her last eight years at Elon, Peterson took the lead as director of donor relations.

What she will miss most about the job are her colleagues. “I have often said I came to Elon for a job and found a family,” she said. She will retire May 31 and looking ahead, she plans to spend more time with her grandchildren, traveling, volunteering and tackling home improvement projects.

Janice Ratliff, Student Health & Wellness

Janice Ratliff started working at Elon in September of 1981 after a friend recommended she apply for a position as secretary in the Office of Cooperative Education. After 35 years, Janice plans to retire on May 31.

“My favorite memories will be my Elon family,” she says, “especially the students who have become my Elon children. I will miss being on this beautiful campus and the many things that happen here every day.”

Janice’s plan for the first month of retirement is to fully embrace her free time and “just enjoy not having to be anywhere at 8 a.m.” She plans to sit on her deck, read, enjoy the fresh air, invite people over, and maybe even throw a few parties. She also looks forward to spending more quality time with her daughters and granddaughters.

Sheri Wall, Physical Plant

Sheri Wall worked in the front office of physical plant for a total of 18  ½ years between 1972 and July of 2015. In between her years working at the university, Sheri worked for the Alamance County Chamber of Commerce and as a preschool teacher for 17 years. Sheri says she has built some incredible friendships over the years and will miss doing her part to organize campus events.

In the coming years, Sheri and her husband Linwood, a Vietnam veteran, will volunteer for the Veterans Benefits Services in Greensboro to help veterans sign up for healthcare and file for disability claims.

Jimmy Graves and Bob Truitt also retired in the 2015-16 academic year.

Roselee Papandrea Taylor,
5/23/2016 2:20 PM