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Preeshl coaches accents in a play 'The Way at Midnight' in New Orleans

Artemis Preeshl, visiting professor of performing arts, teaches dialects in the Department of Performing Arts. 

Artemis Preeshl, visiting assistant professor of performing arts, coached Hannah Pepper-Cunningham in Ashkenazi, Boston, Philadelphia, Baton Rouge and New Orleans accents for the play "The Way at Midnight" by the theater ensemble Mondo Bizarro.

The world premiere of the work opened the season at New Orleans’ Contemporary Arts Center, on Sept. 14, 2017. Mondo Bizarro, a New Orleans-based theater ensemble, created an entertaining and incisive performance that questions how maps plays a role in colonization, and how the legacies of inheritance and ancestry affect our lives today.

"The Way at Midnight" runs through Sept. 23 at New Orleans’ Contemporary Arts Center.

Preeshl teaches dialects in the Department of Performing Arts at Elon this year.

Artemis Preeshl,
9/14/2017 11:30 AM