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Anderson featured in 'On Second Thought' program on Georgia Public Broadcasting

Susan Anderson, professor of accounting, offered her insights into the implications of the proposed tax reform plan on nonprofits stemming from her recent article on the topic for The Conversation. 

'On Second Thought,' a public affairs program from Georgia Public Broadcasting, recently invited Susan Anderson to offer her insights on a segment focused on political speech by churches. 

The segment followed a recent article by Anderson, a professor of accounting, on the topic that was initially published by The Conversation and then republished by media outlets including the International Business Times, The Raw Story, the Greensboro News & Record and others. In the article, Anderson explains that tax reform proposals now under consideration by Congress could leave churches and other nonprofits free to engage in political speech, which is a break from current tax law. 

The "On Second Thought" segment aired statewide and focused on the Johnson Amendment, a legislative measure passed in 1954 that prohibits nonprofits including churches from endorsing or opposing political candidates. Anderson explained that the IRS is tasked with enforcing the provision, but it's difficult now for them to act. 

"In this environment, it is going to be very difficult (for the IRS) to jump in and censure a church for speaking politics from the pulpit," Anderson said during the show. "Right now, they've had their budget cut so much that they are scared of having further budget cuts."

Listen to the entire segment here

Owen Covington,
12/5/2017 11:45 AM