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Ghoshal interviewed for FOX8 report on societal tipping points

Raj Ghoshal, assistant professor of sociology, offered his insights to reporter Bob Buckley for a recent segment on when societies reach the point that they call for social change. 


Assistant Professor of Sociology Raj Ghoshal recently offered his insights for a segment on FOX8 on the factors that contribute to societal tipping points for social change in areas such as segregation and sexual harrassment. 

The Jan. 11 edition of the Buckley Report, a regular segment on High Point, N.C.-based FOX8, included extensive interviews with Ghoshal, who among other topics explained the role that social media can have in influencing public opinion about controversial topics. 

"Social media is a big part of the story here, and it does democratize storytelling, to some degree," Ghoshal told reporter Bob Buckley. "Groups who didn't have a lot of access to get their stories told now maybe have that."

Veiew the entire Buckley Report segment here

Owen Covington,
1/12/2018 8:20 AM