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President Lambert's charge to Class of 2005

Elon President Leo M. Lambert concluded Commencement 2005 with a special charge to graduates. Read this note for details and an audio recording of his remarks…

President Lambert recalled the trials two members of the Class of 2005 faced in their freshman year. Jason Boone lost his father in the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon, while Ann Marie Leonard (see photo at right) was seriously injured in a car crash. Leonard spent more than two weeks in a coma before recovering. Both students persevered to graduate with their class.

Lambert used those examples to remind graduates that faith and hope still triumph. "Miracles take place, still. Prayers are answered, still," he said. Lambert concluded his charge by explaining the symbolism of the traditional gift graduates receive, an oak sapling. "Plant your young tree, and let it serve as a reminder that you have been prepared by your education to be a strong force for good in the world." Graduates responded to Lambert's prompt with the traditional cheer, "Long Live Elon."

Click here to listen to a recording of Lambert's remarks in mp3 format.

Dan Anderson,
5/23/2005 9:36 AM