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2006-07 Service-Learning Faculty Scholars named

The following faculty members have been selected as 2006-2007 Service-Learning Faculty Scholars:

  • Crista Coles Arangala--Mathematics

  • Alexa Darby--Psychology

  • Ashley Holmes--English

  • Kimberly Jones--Sociology/Anthropology

  • Angela Lewellyn-Jones--Social Justice

  • Martin Kamela--Physics

  • Michelle Kleckner--Computing Sciences

  • Mary Knight-McKenna--Education

  • Prudence Layne--English

These faculty members will participate in seminars throughout the Fall 2006 semester to develop service-learning courses in their disciplines or in general studies courses. All faculty are invited to participate in various service-learning faculty development opportunities throughout the year and to apply for this program in the future.

David Hibbard,
4/6/2006 9:54 AM