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Elon, ARMC open Center for Fitness & Human Movement Studies

Elon University and Alamance Regional Medical Center (ARMC) have opened the new Center for Fitness & Human Movement Studies on the ARMC campus. Dedication ceremonies were held June 2. Details...

The center allows Elon faculty and students to work with ARMC staff on joint research studies and provide expanded clinical training opportunities for Elon’s physical therapy and exercise science students.

A reception and ribbon cutting, hosted by ARMC President and CEO John G. Currin, Jr. and Elon President Leo M. Lambert was held on June 2 in the center. On hand was U.S. Rep. Howard Coble (R-NC), who helped provide $125,000 in federal start-up funding for the center in 2004. ARMC and Elon faculty and students demonstrated the center’s testing equipment.

“We are grateful to Rep. Coble for his work in securing funding for this center,” Lambert said. “It will be a great addition to Elon’s physical therapy program, and furthers the strong relationship between ARMC and the university.”

“This partnership enhances the prestige of Elon’s physical therapy program by creating research opportunities and expanding the learning capabilities for students,” Currin said. “It also strengthens the clinical capabilities of our excellent rehabilitation services department,” he added.

While human movement labs in area university medical centers are devoted to research, the Elon-ARMC lab will establish a unique combination of research and clinical services for the community.

According to Lisa Pennington, director of Rehabilitation, LifeStyle & Employer Services for ARMC, “The establishment of this program represents an important milestone for the residents of Alamance County through the enhancement of ARMC’s Rehabilitation Services. The Center for Fitness & Human Movement Studies allows us to offer new services and new technology at a level equal to or exceeding services available in the nation’s largest health science centers.”

“With the addition of this center, students and faculty will have unparalleled opportunities for study, direct patient therapy, and outcomes based research and instruction,” says Elizabeth Rogers, associate dean and chair of the Elon Department of Physical Therapy Education.

Elon and ARMC’s Rehabilitation Department first established a partnership in 1997 when the university launched its graduate program in physical therapy. Through ARMC, students are able to obtain clinical experience, and several ARMC therapists serve as adjunct faculty members. Seven Elon faculty members also serve as part-time clinical staff members at ARMC. Last year, Elon began offering a doctor of physical therapy degree.
The 4,300-square-foot Center for Fitness & Human Movement Studies, located on ARMC’s ground floor, will include the following areas:

  • Biomechanics Laboratory — will be used to study and treat abnormal gait in adult and pediatric patients as well as research the risk of injury during sports and exercise. This lab will benefit a wide range of patients, including those with neurological disorders, foot problems due to diabetes or other foot disorders, and physical disabilities.
  • Metabolic Testing Laboratory — will evaluate aerobic fitness in patients and athletes. This lab will benefit patients with respiratory disorders and can also be used to measure resting metabolic rate, which is useful in the treatment of diabetes, obesity and weight control.
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation Center —will include facilities to evaluate and treat individuals who have balance disorders.
  • Electrophysiology Laboratory — will include equipment to evaluate muscle and brain activity during therapy and sports activities.
  • Fitness Center — will offer an exercise facility for ARMC employees and patients. The center will offer fitness opportunities for cancer patients and allow cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation and physical therapy patients to continue exercise beyond their initial treatment programs.

Dan Anderson,
6/19/2006 7:54 AM