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President Lambert previews 2007-08 year in annual address

Elon President Leo M. Lambert welcomed faculty and staff to a new academic year with a speech about seven influences that are shaping the university in positive ways. Details…

The president's address was delivered at opening ceremonies at the beginning of the annual planning week. Lambert talked about some of the priorities for the upcoming year, including the application to shelter a Phi Beta Kappa chapter, gain provisional accreditation for the Elon University School of Law, the opening of the new Colonnades residence halls and construction of Lindner Hall in the Academic Village, and new efforts to reach out to Elon alumni.

Beyond the formally adopted institutional priorities, Lambert discussed seven ideas that will be recurring themes on campus this year, and in the years ahead. They include the following:

  • Promoting environmental sustainability
  • Advancing scholarship
  • Connecting with external communities
  • Changing the culture of alcohol abuse
  • Building a culture of philanthropy
  • Deepening our spiritual traditions
  • Nuturing our strong community
"We here at Elon are in the business of creating the future," Lambert said. "We influence the world greatly by the 1,200 graduates who are sent forth each year as a force for good. That’s what I try to bear in mind on the way to the office each day."

Lambert concluded his speech with a call to action:
"In a world with enormous environmental challenges, we at Elon can make our corner of the Earth greener and prepare a succeeding generation to steward our natural resources. In a culture of celebrity, Elon can be a place of serious ideas. In a nation of gated communities, we can model engaged citizenship and create sustained change. In a culture of excess, we can curb the insidious effects of binge drinking. In a nation where we spend more than we earn, we can build an endowment to help secure Elon for succeeding generations and invest earnings to live our most cherished values. In a world where religious violence and animosity are rampant, Elon can be a place of religious pluralism and understanding. In a fragile world, Elon can be a community of welcome and interconnectedness. Let Elon be a model for the world we want our children to inherit."

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Dan Anderson,
8/27/2007 8:08 AM