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Elon professor granted space on TeraGrid network

An Elon faculty member has been awarded storage space on a selective, federally funded computer server where scientists conduct research that requires vast amounts of electronic file space and computing capability.

Assistant professor Megan Conklin

Megan Conklin, an assistant professor of computing sciences, received 5 terabytes of storage space in December 2007 on a network known as the TeraGrid. Conklin and her colleagues at Syracuse University are building a “library” of open-source software programs and her space on the TeraGrid gives her data collection another place to reside.

Through Web spider programs that crawl the Internet, Conklin will collect data on software bugs, computer languages used to write the software, names of the people developing the programs and other information. The massive amounts of data she collects will be open to researchers worldwide.

The TeraGrid is funded by the National Science Foundation and, according to its Web site, is “the world's largest, most comprehensive distributed cyberinfrastructure for open scientific research.”

Access to the TeraGrid involves peer review, Conklin said, much like publishing a journal article or making a paper presentation.

“Being on the TeraGrid is good because we get a centralized place to store data that we don’t have to administer,” she said. “And it puts our name with a lot of really distinguished projects out there.”

Eric Townsend,
1/15/2008 11:07 AM