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Hultquist Awards assist new faculty for 2008-09

Clockwise from top left: Mina Garcia Soormally, Anne Marx, Ketevan Kupatadze and Rebecca Pope-Ruark. A photo was not available of Kim Epting.

Five first-year faculty members were selected in November to receive Hultquist Awards for 2008-09 from the Faculty Research and Development Committee.  These funds were given to Elon by the Hultquist family for faculty development, and Elon targeted them for faculty members in their first year at Elon. 

This is the third year that Elon has awarded Hultquist funds. This years selections include the following:
Kim Epting, assistant professor, psychology. “Influences on Written Self-editing.” This stipend will support work on two manuscripts detailing studies on the relationship between self-design, print exposure and time constraint. $2,000
Mina Garcia Soormally, assistant professor, foreign languages. “Integration of iPod technology into the Language Learning Environment.” $1,250
Ketevan Kupatadze, lecturer, foreign languages. “Advanced Study for Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language.” This funding will support professional development through an intensive methodological and practical instructional course in Spain specifically designed for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. $1,790
Anne Marx, assistant professor, leisure and sport management. “An Ethical Dilemma: When Service Philosophy and the Law Collide.” This study will qualitatively examine incidents when risk management procedures and service philosophy do not align as perceived by employees at a nonprofit organization. $1,069
Rebecca Pope-Ruark, assistant professor, English. “Knowledge Management Documentation Practices in Marketing Communication Agencies.” The study will examine the range of knowledge management strategies used by marketing communication agencies to manage projects, clients and accounts. $541
In addition to the Hultquist awards listed above, two other first-year faculty members received FR&D funding to support professional development and scholarship:
Amy Overman, assistant professor, psychology. “Neurophysiology of memory in older & younger adults.” $4,326
Janet M. Cope, assistant professor, physical therapy education. “Personal formaldehyde exposure versus standard air quality test results in the human anatomy laboratory.” $6,170

Eric Townsend,
2/13/2008 11:40 AM