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Jim Barbour publishes paper on medieval stone carver work practices

Associate Professor of Economics Jim Barbour’s paper "Schneider’s ‘Singede Steine’: La lectura musical de la iconografía en el claustro de Sant Cugat del Vallés," has been published in Círculo Románico, the journal of the Spanish Centro de Estudios del Romantico, Madrid.

Example of Cadell's distinctive work

The work is the beginning of a series of papers exploring the movement patterns of mid-level artisans during the Church’s “building boom” of the 12th and 13th centuries. This piece outlines the approach to research and finds evidence of a movement pattern of a particular carver, Arnau Cadell. Rather than use traditional economic evidence this series is using the distinctive carving style of this particular mason to establish his movements. The English title is “A Different Song: Schneider’s ‘Singede Steine’ as evidence of work practices in the late 12th century.

Jim Barbour,
4/14/2011 4:08 PM