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Raleigh Public Record: Committee Passes 'Open Source City' Resolution

From Raleigh Public Record (1/25/12): A Raleigh City Council committee gave its stamp of approval to a resolution that could make public city data easier to access and change the way the city buys software.

The Technology and Communications Committee, a new group of city councilors created late last year, approved the Open Source Government resolution Tuesday night. It will go to the full council next week.

The resolution has two parts. First, it proposes to create a new page on the City of Raleigh website to share city data, such as computer processable budget information, map data, or public art data.

Councilor Bonner Gaylord, who chairs the Technology Committee, said the purpose of the new site for city data is that it would “give citizens the opportunity to take that information to use as they see fit.”

“It’s their data; they bought it and paid for it,” Gaylord said.

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Colin Donohue,
1/26/2012 11:07 AM