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Michael Carignan talks with FOX 8 about the Magna Carta

The associate professor of history talks with reporter and anchor Bob Buckley about the legacy of a document signed 800 years ago by King John of England. 

Associate Professor Michael Carignan

Associate Professor Michael Carignan in the Department of History and Geography was featured in a June 15, 2015, segment of "The Buckley Report" on FOX 8 in North Carolina's Triad region.

Carignan spoke with anchor and reporter Bob Buckley about the origins of the Magna Carta, which was signed exactly 800 years earlier by King John of England to appease more than two dozen barons who were unhappy with his reign.

And while many of the rights Americans take for granted today are said to be rooted in the Magna Carta, the document itself was never meant to grant freedoms to all people. Instead, they were meant to protect only the barons.

Carignan serves as associate director of Elon University's Honors Program.

Watch the full segment: "The Magna Carta turns 100"

Eric Townsend,
6/16/2015 10:35 AM