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Suggestions for seniors from the SPDC

Great career planning advice for students if they are seeking an internship, a full-time position or considering applying to graduate school

We offer below some suggestions for things that you should do in the spring semester, as well as preview of a few things to come in the Student Professional Development Center.

Our first piece of advice: if you aren’t doing so already, start paying attention to the Elon Job Network. Did you know that between January 1 and May 24 of last year, we had almost 900 job and internship opportunities posted? Jobs on EJN are all over the country, and while some of them target specific majors, a great number of them open to all majors. When an employer posts a job (or jobs) on EJN, it means they’re interested in our students!  And that could mean you, but only if you apply first.

Our second suggestion: set up a job search on EJN and then have an automatic email sent to you each time a new job in your interest area is posted.  Do this, and you won’t miss an opportunity.

And while you’re at it, start checking the “Interviews” tab on EJN. During the spring semester of 2015, we had 38 employers visit our campus to interview students for open positions in their organizations.  Of these employers, 19 of them selected “all majors” as the students they were interested in, so your major is in there somewhere! Every company with a slated interview schedule is posted on the Elon Job Network under the “Interview” tab.  We expect to have at least as many employers on campus this spring as last, if not more, so check it often!

Put this date on your calendar: March 10, 2016. That’s the date of our Spring Job Expo! Last spring, we had 82 employers attend our fair. In the fall, 98 employers were there. Think there was nothing there for your major? Au contraire mon ami. Of the 82 employers in attendance at our spring fair, 35 were hiring students in ALL majors. In the fall, 45 of 98 employers selected “all majors.” 

Other scheduled events this spring: Sales Meet & Greet—March 9 (all majors are invited); Teacher Fair—March 19 (education majors).

Make an appointment with a career advisor in the SPDC. We can review your resume, advise you on writing an effective cover letter, help you prepare for an interview and show you ways to broaden your job search. 

From an email sent to seniors in December 2015 from the Student Professional Development Center

Kara Nunnally,
1/21/2016 3:30 AM