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Emergency response and preparedness

Tips on staying informed about Elon's emergency responses in the event of a weather-related emergency

Elon University has an emergency response plan that is reviewed and updated each year and covers a wide scope of types of emergency situations. Information about emergency procedures may be found  here. Elon University also communicates emergency information through email, text messaging, mobile apps, social media and more. Students are highly encouraged to sign up for the E-Alert system and Live Safe apps. These resources are free and can provide quick information in the event of a campus emergency. Links to accessing these resources may also be found here.

The E-Net news website will be updated frequently with instructions and information that will be vital to the health and safety of the Elon campus community. Monitoring E-Net is the best way for parents to stay abreast of weather or other weather-related situations and the university’s response to these situations.

There are occasions when severe weather may disrupt campus operations. E-Net will continue to be the best sources of the most up to date information and instructions for students. The University and Elon Dining do have plans and resources to shelter and feed students in the event the campus loses power. However, we do recommend that students have some basic emergency preparation items on hand in the event of a weather-related emergency:

  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Emergency power supply for cell phones
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Three (3) day supply of prescription medications
  • Food and water for 3 days (if the student resides off campus)
  • Blankets and bedding (in case student must be temporarily sheltered on campus) 


Kara Nunnally,
1/21/2016 4:05 AM