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Scott Wolter presents research to Homeland

Scott Wolter, associate professor of engineering, presented his work related to airport baggage screening systems development at the Anomaly Detection and Imaging with X-rays (ADIX)/SPIE Defense and Security conference in Baltimore, Maryland on April 20, 2016. 

Scott Wolter's presentation titled “Spectral feature variations in X-ray diffraction imaging systems” addressed X-ray diffraction features of common baggage items and materials chemistry and processing influences on anomalous spectral data.

This venue afforded the opportunity for university and industry researchers to discuss work regarding next generation X-ray-based threat imaging technologies. Presentations included novel approaches to coherent scatter imaging and statistical analysis of large spectral data sets in addition to contrast imaging and hape threat detection. The conference was attended by scientists with the Department of Homeland Security.

Wolter has been involved in X-ray coherent scatter systems development for airport security screening applications for fiveyears. Current baggage scanners rely on X-ray attenuation for contrast imaging of baggage items. Coherent scatter makes possible identification of baggage items by unique diffraction features based on atomic or molecular structure. His work has been funded by the Department of Homeland Security through collaboration with Duke University and Applied Quantum Technologies, Inc. Durham, NC.

Scott Wolter,
4/27/2016 3:50 PM