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Tips from the Student Professional Development Center

How parents can support their student during summer internships and jobs

 If your son or daughter is doing an internship this summer, remind them to:

1. If earning credit, be mindful of internship course requirements and deadlines.

2. Work hard and have a good attitude! Arrive to your internship early, take time to get to know your colleagues, offer to help, embrace challenges, and support your fellow interns.

3. If you are offered the opportunity to interview, don’t wing it! Prepare! The Porter Center offers mock interview services over the phone or video conference.

If your son or daughter is not doing an internship this summer, encourage them to:

1. Start thinking about your internship plans for next summer. It is common for internship program deadlines to be in the fall. The more you think about what you would like to do, the better the application process will be for you.

2. Check your online footprint. The summer is always a good time to Google yourself, check security settings, and make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated.

3. Network! Use LinkedIn to connect with alums who are in the area! You can invite them to coffee (and you offer to pay!) or see if you can set-up an informational call to learn more their industry and company.

Contributed by Lauren Duffy, Student Professional Development Center staff

Kara Nunnally,
7/19/2016 3:25 PM