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Spanish professor presents on Spanish drama in the Transmedia Age

Mina Garcia, associate professor of Spanish, explored the impact of technology in Early Modern Drama.

Mina Garcia presented at a conference in Ohio, both hosted by Ohio Wesleyan and Denison University entitled "Reimagining the Spanish Comedia in the Transmedia Age."

This is a collaborative project that involves scholars specialized in the area of early modern Hispanic literature and cultures. The goal of the symposium was to explore new ways to examine and teach Hispanic classical theater and to make it more relevant to college students at liberal arts institutions in the United States.

In a world where everything is holistically connected and where learners consume information regardless of the constraints of different genres, it is important that we provide our students with a similar approach to the Hispanic World.

Traditionally, Hispanic theater has been taught mainly through text analysis, which can limit the possibilities for students to engage with and a corpus of knowledge and literature that is foreign to them. However, with the introduction of digital media, ad hoc translation and contemporary media adaptations, among others, students can engage, understand, and connect the complexities of the Early Modern Hispanic World and the Transmedia age in which we live.

Mina Garcia,
10/7/2016 8:45 AM