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Twisted Measure releases latest music video: Cover of Hozier's 'Work Song'

Elon’s oldest a cappella group, known for their popular rendition of Sia’s “Chandelier,” shares the story behind their latest video. 


By Sarah Collins '18

Twisted Measure, Elon’s first co-ed a cappella group, has officially released its latest music video — a cover of Hozier’s “Work Song.” 

Alumnus Nick Martin ’15 first introduced “Work Song” to Twisted Measure’s set two years ago, and the entire group quickly grew fond of the song. “When we pick songs, sometimes we’ll just say, ‘that’s so Twisted Measure,’” says Josh Ferno ‘19, the group’s business manager. “There’s a certain energy that exists in the whole group and that song has it in spades.”

The video features all of Twisted Measure with Hunter Riccio ‘18 performing the lead vocals. Riccio, whose parents Mike and Penny Riccio are members of Elon's Class of 1985, stepped up to the plate following Martin's graduation and became the song’s designated soloist. The song is one of 10 tracks on the group’s most recent album, Black & Red, which was released in October. “Hunter followed gracefully in Nick's footsteps,” said Adria Gunter ‘18, Twisted Measure’s music director. “Both soloists gave this song an energy that we had never seen before.”

Production for the video began in January. Making use of Elon’s campus, the group filmed in Whitley Auditorium, the Sacred Space in the Numen Lumen Pavilion, and Holt Chapel on South Campus. Twisted Measure recruited Mitch Herndon ‘17, a cinema and television arts major, to film the video. “I hadn't really spent any time in any of those locations, and they were great places to film,” says Herndon. “We were able to do cool stuff with lights and set design that we wouldn't have been able to do other places.”

Twisted Measure is best known for their music video of Sia’s hit song “Chandelier.” Released in May 2015, Twisted Measure’s rendition of the song has nearly six million views on Youtube. Although Ferno credits the “Chandelier” video for helping Twisted Measure to establish name recognition outside of Elon, he says the group is not expecting “Work Song” to reach the same level of exposure. “‘Chandelier’ was an anomaly,” Ferno says. “The shows that we put on and the videos that we create aren't for the publicity. They’re just for us to make music together.”

Gunter notes that the video was made possible by the hard work of Twisted Measure president Jasper Thomas '17 and public relations chair Lea McNamara '18. “They have dedicated so much time and energy to this project, and it beautifully showcases the spirit of Twisted Measure,” says Gunter. “Together, their artistic visions have created something really unique and special, and we are beyond excited to share it with everyone.”

Owen Covington,
3/1/2017 12:45 PM