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Elon Poll student volunteers interviewed for radio talk show

Three Elon University students who volunteer to help the Elon University Poll were interviewed live Feb. 26, 2008, for the Viewpoints Show on a coastal North Carolina radio station.

Seniors Rob Conner and RJ Kraft, along with junior Scott MacDougall, spoke with WTKF-FM 107.1 radio host Lockwood Phillips during the afternoon drive time show. WTKF covers Morehead City and points to the north and south.

The students discussed the latest poll results, their duties as interns, and how the experience affected their outlook on polling and politics. Phillips also quizzed the students on the role of young voters and their impression of how this may affect the North Carolina primaries, as well as the general election.

Conner and MacDougall are both political science majors. Kraft is studying journalism. All three shared their political outlooks, which presidential candidate they supported – and why.

The show aired from 6-7 p.m. It is not currently available online.

- Information supplied by Hunter Bacot, director of the Elon University Poll

Eric Townsend,
8/20/2008 3:41 PM