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Arts & Sciences faculty and students honored

Faculty and students in Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences, were honored May 8 in a ceremony that celebrated outstanding achievement both in and out of the classroom.

Steven House, dean of Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences, presented Kirstin Ringelberg with an Excellence in Teaching Award on May 8.

Steven House, dean of the college, offered remarks on each of the awards. Faculty honorees included the following:

Excellence in Teaching Award

"The Excellence in TeachingAward recognizes a faculty member who exemplifiesthe Elon teacher-scholar - outstanding in the classroom,current in the discipline, and committed to the intellectualdevelopment of students. Elon's mission statement callsfor 'a rich intellectual community characterized byactive student engagement with a faculty dedicated toexcellent teaching.' The selection committee looked forexcellence in the classroom as tangibly demonstrated byteaching and administrative evaluations for the precedingthree years. Equally important were intangible factors suchas inspiring students in the discipline, embracing ways toengage students in active learning, being available tostudents outside the classroom, being known as an excellentacademic adviser, and having a willingness to teach whereneeded."

• Kirstin Ringelberg (Department of Art)
• Scott Windham (Department of Foreign Languages)
• Cindy Fair (Department of Human Services)

Excellence in Service/Leadership Award

"The Excellence inService/Leadership Award recognizes a faculty memberwho richly contributes  to the ongoing welfare andbetterment of the College, the University, and theprofession. We value the many service and leadership rolesperformed by faculty. The teacher-scholar document calls onfaculty to 'dedicate their talents, experience, andleadership skills to activities that sustain, develop, andimprove the entire institution.' We value presence oncampus, noting over time who does the big and little tasksthat make us a better College.  The selection committeefocused on the tangible results of service for the precedingyear. Equally important were intangible factors such as awillingness to volunteer one's time when needed, to carry newideas to reality, and to engage in shared governance."

• Ayesha Delpish (Department of Mathematics)
• Brian Digre (Department of History and Geography)
• Prudence Layne (Department of English)

Excellence in Scholarship Award

"The Excellence in ScholarshipAward recognizes a faculty member whose scholarlywork has made a significant intellectual impact. Elon'steacher-scholar model describes scholarship as 'the mostfundamental form of professional activity.' We value thescholarship of discovering new knowledge, integratingknowledge, applying knowledge, and developing pedagogicalinnovations.  The selection committee consideredtangible evidence of peer-reviewed research and creativeactivity that was published or presented during the precedingyear. Equally important were intangible factors such assupporting the scholarly endeavors of colleagues, advancingthe University's reputation, and mentoring students inundergraduate research. At Elon, a professor cannot bemeasured by the articles published, to the exclusion of thelives inspired."

• Lynn Huber (Department of Religious Studies)
• Megan Squire Conklin (Department of Computing Sciences)

Student award winners included:

• Brian Thomas Beaty
• Ashley Lauren Black
• Virginia Anne Brinkley
• Susan Lynn Cavanaugh
• Kathleen L. Chuchra-Zbytniuk
• Amanda Leigh Clark
• Emma Katrin Cramer
• Justine Maisha Davis
• Victoria Paige Davis
• Kaitlyn Nicole Day
• Nicole Lynn Dvorak
• Maria Jean Fedore
• Alexandra Sloan Fersner
• Susan Lindsay Fetch
• Elizabeth Daphne Foggie
• Stephanie Ann Franz
• Christian Andrea Funkhouser
• Gregory George Galante
• Daniel Morgan Gibson
• Sarah Beth Gottfried
• Nicholas Martin Harper
• Lauren Judd Hess
• Tiffany Kathryn King
• Alyse Joy Knorr
• Mikail Jayden Koroma
• Cynthia Lynn Lefferts
• Bryan Christopher LeGrand
• Sachi Carroll E. Martin
• Alyssa Lakin Morley
• Evan Dietz Morris
• Patrick James Morse
• John Paul Mullican
• Elizabeth Anne Myers
• Kendra Hillary Nickel
• Thad Anthony Norman
• Molly Jane Pearson
• Caroline Marie Peckels
• Alaina Nicole Pineda
• Meg Catherine Popolizio
• Maggie Lyn Presley
• Kristen Renee Rectenwald
• Paul Joseph Schifano Jr.
• Karen Amanda Scovill
• Jessica Lynn Shade
• Nicholas Burnham Sharrer
• Sarah Caitlin Simmons
• Laura Laping Sinden
• Kathryn Ann Stackhouse
• Tess Elizabeth Stamper
• Katherine Anne Thomas
• Jennifer L. Toadvine
• Jaclyn Marie Tordo
• Krysten Laura Trull
• Jennifer Elise Vanyur
• Brandon Reid Walters
• Nicholas Scott Walton
• Laura Elaine Weber

For more detailed information on the faculty award winners, click on the link below.

Eric Townsend,
5/16/2008 3:20 PM