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Hargrove-Leak presents at the American Society for Engineering Education conference

Sirena Hargrove-Leak

Sirena Hargrove-Leak, an assistant professor of engineering, presented “Experience Engineering: A Model for Teaching Liberal Arts Students about Engineering” at the 2008 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition on June 23 - 24 in Pittsburgh, Penn.

The first presentation was a brief introduction of her work in response to an invitation to participate in a session devoted to the future of liberal education in engineering. The second was a more in depth discussion of the pedagogy and outcomes of her winter term “Experience Engineering” course, which she created as a 2007-09 CATL Scholar. The course seeks to allow non-majors an opportunity to explore the engineering profession and design method in the context of remotely operated underwater vehicles.

7/3/2008 11:33 AM