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National Conference on Undergraduate Research to include 36 Elon students

This year 36 Elon students will be presenting at the 23rd National Conference on Undergraduate Research set for April 16-18 at the University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse. Read this note for a list of the students and their research topics.

Student Eryn Gradwell will present at NCUR on "Realizing the Global Promise of the Internet: The Future of Internet Governance"

NCUR is dedicated to promoting undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity in all fields of study by sponsoring an annual conference for students. The national conference welcomes presenters from all institutions of higher learning and from all corners of the academic curriculum. This year there will be more than 1,600 students from about 250 institutions.

The presentations given by Elon students are as follows:

  • Stacie Ledford- Effect of Relative Fitness of the Position of the Dicrotic Notch
  • Daniel Brown- Dioxin and Dopamine Alter Swimming Behavior in Larval Zebrafish
  • Philip Zakas- Plant Extract Preparation for Toxicological Activity Against Nematodes
  • Chelsie Wagner- Grouper (Pisces: Serranidae) Population Survey and an Enhancement of Junevile Habitat
  • Monica Poteat- Does Allelopathy Explain the Scarcity of Spruce and Fir Trees in the Beech Gaps of Great Smoky Mountains National Park?
  • Sarah Galliher- Effects of Beech bark Disease on Tree Regeneration in High-elevation Beech Forests
  • Ryan Mather- Relative Fitness and R Wave Amplitude Change During Maximal Exercise Testing
  • Eileen Sorge- The Effects of PBDE-99 on Lysosomal Membrane Stability in Coelomocytes of the Earthworm Lumbricus Terrestris Using the Neutral Red Retention Test
  • Breanna Detwiler- Examining the Contributions of Community Gardens to Social Capital
  • Erin Boomgarden- Parent-Child Guidance and Numeracy Interactions in a Cooking Activity
  • Ivy Crank- I Know I'm Attractive and That You Think So Too: The Influence of Physical Attractiveness and Narcissism on First Impressions
  • Megan Sabo- Body Image, Risk Behavior, and Masculinity: A Study of Men's Reactions to Body
  • Kyla Mathews- Perceptions of Criminal Suspects: Alibi Salaciousness and Its Impact on Alibi Believability
  • Margaret Spingler- Does Academic Service-Learning Facilitate a Deeper Understanding of People Living in Poverty?
  • Larissa Ferretti- Effects of Parent Guidance on Preschoolers' Numeracy Skills
  • Zachary Smith- Race and Religion in the Wilmington Massacre of 1898
  • Benjamin Smith- The Difference in the Experiences of Male and Female Beginning Elementary School Teachers
  • Jackie Sapio- Factors Influencing the Collegiate Selection Decision of NCAA Division 1 Student-Athletics
  • Matthew Davis- Loanwords in the Lyrics: English in J-Pop Music
  • Erin Barnett- Documentary: "My Name is Anita" From Affliction to HIV/AIDS Activism
  • Amy Gatto- Transition Model From Pediatric to Adult Care for HIV-Infected Adolescents
  • Lauren Tilly- An Alternative Assessment For New Immigrant Students in Central North Carolina?
  • Sara Portoghese- The Social Media News Release Uncovered: A Look at How New Media Technologies are Changing the Traditional News Release
  • Stefanie Meyers- Simple Questions, Complex Answers: An Examination of SB5's Impact on Texans
  • Eryn Gradwell- Realizing the Global Promise of the Internet: The Future of Internet Governance
  • Conor Britain- The Ethnography of Little League Baseball
  • Megan Dempsey- An Analysis of the Introduction of Gender Quota Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Harrison Seeler- Motivating Factors Affecting Professional Sport Attendance: An Analysis of the NBA
  • Sarah Simmons- Augustus to Alexander: The "Pre"-Evolution of Early Christian Imagery
  • Jacqueline Moss- "And There Was This Totally Embarrassing Video of Her": The Glamorization of Cyberbullying in "Gossip Girl"
  • Lauren Bieler- The Postmodern Protagonist of Kurt Vonnegut: Is the Antihero the New Hero?
  • Kirstin Jordan- Verse and Vulnerability: Contemporary American Poets Confronting Changing Masculinity
  • Pineda Alaina- More Than Just Stuff on the Wall
  • Alyse Knorr- The Flood and the Rising: Poems
  • Jessica Stewart- Traditional and Digraph Iterated Function Systems For Variations on Peano's Space-Filling Curve
  • Colleen McCarthy- Random Multigraph Generation With Geographical Attachment
  • Claire Campbell - The Effects of Heat And Oxidative Stress on Immunocompetence In Cnidarians


Dan Anderson,
4/20/2009 8:06 AM