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David Crowe edits special edition of Nationalities Papers

History professor David M. Crowe has edited a special edition of Nationalities Papers titled Crimes of State; Government-Sponsored Atrocities and International Legal Responses, Past and Present.

In addition to editing the special edition, Crowe also wrote the lengthy introductory article, "War Crimes and Genocide in History, and the Evolution of Responsive International Law," which looks at war crimes and genocide since antiquity throughout the world.

Other articles in the collection deal with war crimes in Yugoslavia during World War II, German genocidal policies towards Soviet POWs during this conflict, postwar U.S. and German "euthanasia trials,” the history behind the current Cambodian Special Tribunal for the Punishment of Crimes against Humanity, and the whole question of US military command responsibility since My Lai.

Crowe is currently negotiating with Routledge, a British publisher, to publish the collection as a scholarly monograph.

Eric Townsend,
10/5/2009 11:23 AM