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Tom Nelson documentary accepted by the archives of the Deutsches Historisches Museum

Thomas Nelson, associate professor in the School of Communications, has had his documentary, "Prisoners of Plenty," accepted to the research and general archives of the Deutsches Historisches Museum (DHM) in Berlin.

The DHM is the German equivalent of the American Smithsonian Museum. The acceptance announcement said Nelson's documentary "contains, even for us, a lot of new information about the everyday life of German POWs in the United States." As such, "Prisoners of Plenty" is affirmed by one of Germany's most prestigious museums as a significant contribution to the general body of knowledge in the field.  

"Prisoners of Plenty" focuses on a Kansas prison camp for German soldiers captured during World War II, with extensive interviews from both the American and the German perspective.




Thomas Nelson,
10/30/2009 9:21 AM