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2010 POWERless and RecycleMania final results

Final results were announced Tuesday for two spring competitions that encourage faculty, staff and students to make lifestyle improvements for maintaining a healthier planet. Read this note for a message from Elon University President Leo M. Lambert on the importance of both contests.

Results of the 2010 POWERless and RecycleMania contests were announced Tuesday at College Coffee.

To: Elon campus community
From: President Leo M. Lambert
Re: 2010 RecyleMania and POWERless results

This is the third year for Elon’s POWERless competition, a seven-week competition among the residential areas to promote energy conservation. 2010 marks the fourth year for Elon’s participation in the 10-week nationwide competition called RecycleMania, an entertaining way to promote recycling awareness and participation, while helping to reduce landfill waste.

Once again, both competitions were a success! For POWERless, the overall amount of kilowatt hours not used compared to the baseline consumption in this year’s competition exceeded last year’s by over 70,000 kWh. During the 10-week RecycleMania campaign, the Elon University community captured an impressive 84,305 lbs. of recyclable materials.

2010 POWERless achievements

The goal of this year’s competition was to exceed 2009’s electricity reduction of 159,054 kWh, which was done with a reduction of 231,454 kWh. In addition, every residential area reduced electricity consumption over the 7 week contest. Environmentally, the kilowatt hours not used during the competition equate to:

• 93 tons of coal being burned
• 131 tons of carbon dioxide emissions (primary contributor to climate change)
• 413 pounds of nitrogen oxide emissions and 1,821 pounds of sulfur dioxide emissions (contributors to acid rain)

It was a close competition all the way up to the last week, and all participants share in the excellent overall electricity reduction during the seven weeks.

This year the competition was again broken down by Division I and II.

Dave Worden, director of environmental services, presents a RecycleMania award to Elon senior Rekha Ananthanpillai at College Coffee.

In the area competition the greatest energy reduction was achieved by:
Division II – East Area Pavilions (Honors & International) with a 36.6% reduction
Division I – The Oaks with a 26.5% reduction

The buildings with the top energy reduction in each Division were:
Division II – Honors Pavilion with 36.9% reduction
Division I – Oaks Building A with 34.4% reduction

2010 RecycleMania accomplishments

Our objective this year was to exceed the 2009 contest total of 73,683 lbs (36.82 tons). As was the case last year, Spring Break fell in the tenth week of the competition, making the challenge that much more difficult. We are very proud to announce your efforts have paid off, exceeding 2009 totals. Nationally, Elon’s recycling figures were very impressive and are as follows:

• RecycleMania total weight collected: 84,305 lbs (42.15 tons), and for a weight volume only comparison, Elon placed in 200th position out of all 501 participating schools
• Elon’s per capita recyclable collection was 14.43 lbs per person cumulative; 10.86 in ‘09. This placed Elon 1st among Southern Conference schools and 5th in the state of North Carolina, out dueling the likes of UNC-C (7th); Duke (8th); NC State (9th); Wake (14th); Davidson (15th) and App State (18th)
• Plastic/aluminum/glass totaled 28,110 lbs, placing Elon 20th out of 309 schools; 23,430 lbs with a 60th placement out of 290 in ‘09.
• Cardboard totaled 24,633 lbs, placing Elon 94th out of 318 schools. 101st out of 277 in ‘09.
• Paper and paper related recyclables totaled 15,762 lbs, placing Elon 155th out of 304 schools; 158th out of 284 in ‘09.

The Resident Area Competition held between the Loy Center, Colonnades, North Area, East Area, West Area, Danieley Center and The Oaks for per capita cumulative weight volume, brought out the best competitions to date. Collectively, the areas captured 17,135 lbs of recyclables, up from the 13,144 lbs in ‘09. All areas stepped up to challenge for this year’s crown, making the 2010 race as close a contest as it has ever been. On a per capita basis, only .60 lbs separated 1st and 2nd place as 5.62 lbs separated first from the area placing fourth overall.

Congratulations to…

• The Loy Center, capturing 2,088 lbs of recyclables with a 12.43 lb per capita ranking.

The winners of both competitions were recognized at a special College Coffee in celebration of Earth Week.
The most important aspect of both competitions is that they raise awareness of the impact each of us can make by changing small habits and making a conscious effort to conserve electricity and prevent waste from entering a landfill.

POWERless and RecycleMania serve as a good reminder of these simple habits, but we must all challenge ourselves to continue these daily habits throughout the entire year.

Such daily actions do have an impact and contribute toward a more environmentally sustainable campus.

Eric Townsend,
5/5/2010 9:06 AM