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Elon Army ROTC Announces New Company Chain of Command

Elon Army ROTC has appointed new leadership for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Elon Army ROTC Company Leadership, from left to right: Cadet Damion Guy, Cadet Matthew Dinwiddie, and Cadet Jack Blanchflower

Senior Matthew Dinwiddie has been selected as the Phoenix Company Commander.  He is responsible for the training and conditioning of Elon's first and second-year cadets. A native of Muncie, Ind., Dinwiddie has had extensive experience in military training. He is a graduate of Culver Military Academy in Indiana, and is a recent graduate of the Army ROTC Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) at Fort Lewis, Wash. 

Cadet Damion Guy, a senior from Angier, N.C., will serve as the Phoenix Company Executive Officer.  He will be responsible for logistical and administrative operations for Elon Army ROTC Cadets, and will also serve as second-in-command for the unit. Cadet Guy serves as an outstanding example to cadets entering the program. In addition to being a graduate of LDAC, he is also a combat veteran, having served with the 4th Infantry Division in Iraq from 2005 to 2006.

Cadet Daniel J. "Jack" Blanchflower has been designated to serve as the Company First Sergeant.   As a sophomore cadet, Cadet Blanchflower will implement policies from the Command Group to the Cadets.   He serves as the cadet first line leadership, and will be expected to lead by example during all rigorous training activities. This past summer, Cadet Blanchflower has graduated the highly demanding United States Army Infantry School at Fort Benning Ga., and will impart the expertise he has gained from this course into all aspects of Elon Army ROTC tactical training.

Elon Army ROTC welcomes this new Phoenix Company Leadership team, and looks forward to a demanding but rewarding year. 

Stephen Thompson,
10/28/2010 10:43 AM