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Faculty member offers tips for weight loss resolutions

For many people, it just isn’t New Year’s without a traditional resolution, and “losing weight” is always a popular pledge. Elizabeth Bailey in the Department of Health and Human Performance shares advice for not just making fitness resolutions, but keeping them, in the first of an occasional series of videos where Elon University faculty members share their research and classroom expertise.

Elizabeth Bailey, lecturer in the Department of Health and Human Performance

What makes a good resolution? As Bailey explains, ideal goals should be measurable. They should be something a person is committed to achieving. They should also be something that a person’s family, friends and colleagues can support. Losing weight requires reflection, too. Why do you eat when you do? What hinders you from going to the gym? Are there outside influences on your behavior?

Nor should people lose sight of their fitness goals if they miss a workout or eat a candy bar. Bailey emphasizes that the goal of any resolution, whether losing weight or quitting smoking or saving money, is to aim for consistency.

Learn more about keeping a fitness resolution by watching Bailey’s recent interview with the Office of University Relations.

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Eric Townsend,
1/26/2011 12:06 PM