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Photographer's gifts on display in Belk Library

Twenty-four photographs from around the globe are on display throughout Belk Library as a gift to Elon University from North Carolina photographer John T. Giancotti.

Photographer John T. Giancotti and Elon University librarian Kate Hickey hold a portrait of a Buddhist shaman in the Annapurna region of Nepal. It is one of the images on display in Belk Library that Giancotti has gifted to the university.

The photographs were taken between 1990 and 1996, during Giancotti’s extensive treks through Africa, the Middle East, Tibet, and the Indian subcontinent. He used the legendary Kodachrome film in a 16 mm camera, what he calls “photography is in its purest form, before digital imagery and computer enhancement.”

In his candid portraits and landscapes, he attempts to convey the purity and innocence of life, lived in such a way that he says is foreign to most people. Born in upstate New York, his self-taught interest in photography was developed while serving in the military.

Giancotti’s gift was obtained through the efforts of Ethan Moore, Instructor in Elon’s art department and coordinator of the University Art Collection.

Giancotti has exhibited his work throughout the United States. He has lived in Caswell County for 15 years and manages a vineyard near his home.

Eric Townsend,
4/12/2011 2:54 PM