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Students to participate in the 2011 SURE Program

The 2011 Summer Undergraduate Research Experience begins on May 31. Fifty students were accepted into the program from nearly 70 applications. This year’s SURE program is the largest and most competitive in the history of the program.

Scholars include (with mentors in parentheses);

1. Jamie Albright (Dr. Cynthia Fair) - Reproductive Decisions among Women with Perinatal HIV Infection: The Influence of Messages Given and Received from Medical Providers

2. Katherine Atkins (Dr. Alan Scott) - Synesthesia and the Experience of Creativity

3. Anna Becker (Dr. Stephen Braye) - The Rhetoric of Service in International Nonprofit Communication Documents

4. Michael Berg (Dr. Benjamin Evans) - A Biomimetic Model of Epondymal Cilia to Explore Effects of Viscous Loading

5. Alexander Bruch (Dr. Joel Karty) - Determining the Contributions by Resonance and Inductive Effects Toward the Strengths of Hydrogen Bonds Involving Formyl Groups

6. Caitlyn Byrne (Dr. Cassandra Kircher) - Narrative Medicine. The Expression of Healing: An Examination of Contemporary Medical Literature through the Lenses of Gender and Ethnicity

7. Maggie Castor (Dr. Stephen Bloch-Schulman) - Just Violence

8. Melanie Chun (Dr. Paul Miller) - The effects of glycine propionyl-L-carnitine on anaerobic power and blood lactate in nonresistance trained females

9. Danielle Damren (Dr. Michael Carignan) - Love Sought is Good, but Given Unsought, is Better: Love and Marriage in Tudor England

10. Russell Davidson (Dr. Karl Sienerth) - Measuring the Effect of Metal Centers on CO2 Reduction Catalysts

11. Alison Deatsch (Dr. Benjamin Evans) - Optimizing Heating Efficiency of Magnetic Microspheres for Magnetic Hyperthermia Treatment of Malignant Tumors

12. Lauren Deaver (Dr. Maureen Vandermass-Peeler) - Influences of Context and Culture on Oral Narratives of Preschoolers

13. Alyssa Drosdak (Dr. Tonya Train) - The effect of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on T-cell growth and immune response

14. Robert Gardner (Dr. Eric Hall) - What influence do concussions have on cognitive function in student-athletes?

15. Mary Kate Hinshaw (Dr. Paula Rosinski) - Text-Messaging: The Digital Writing Underlife at Elon University

16. Sarah Hoopes (Dr. David Vandermast) - The effect of geographic range on concentration of medicinal compounds in plants Prunella vulgaris and Polophyllum peltatum

17. Virginia Huth (Dr. Tom Arcaro) - Mutual Empowerment: Experiences through Photo Voice

18. Katherine Kenny (Prof. Michael Strickland) - Women's Roles in Water Management in Rural India

19. Mae Langford (Dr. Joyce Davis) - Is there something sketchy about Skechers?

20. Sarah Lentz (Dr. Janet Myers) - Short-Cut to the Heart: A Historical Analysis of Men's Courtship Letters in Jane Austen's Fiction

21. Patrick Ma (Dr. David Vandermast) - A Comprehensive Analysis and Baseline Study of the Plants in Elon Forest

22. Katherine MacDonald (Dr. Rissa Trachman) - Ancient Maya Ritual Performance as Reflected in the Monumental Architecture of Dos Hombres, Belize

23. Sarah Marcus (Dr. Brant Touchette) - Tissue Rigidity in Coastal Salt Marsh Plants

24. Katie McCaughey (Dr. Gabie Smith) - The Effects of Social Anxiety, Sensation-Seeking, and Alcohol Expectations on Pregaming in College Students

25. Devon McGowan (Dr. Kristen Sullivan) - Representing the Divine in the Geometry of Jerusalem in Ezekiel and Revelation

26. David Munoz (Dr. Joshua Kapfer) - Impacts of Human Scent on the Efficiencies of Camera Traps in Wildlife Studies

27. Hannah Nelson (Dr. Amanda Gallagher) - Portrayals and Stereotypes of the German People within United States' Social Media Platforms

28. Gabrielle Newman (Dr. Alexa Darby) - Faculty and Community Members' Motivation in Academic Service-Learning

29. Molly O'Brien (Dr. Deborah Long) - Role of college access programs in the social lives of high school students

30. Erin Palmer (Dr. Lynn Huber) - Representing the Divine in the Geometry of Jerusalem in Ezekiel and Revelation

31. Christine Pavey (Dr. Ann Cahill) - Queering the Sex/Gender Distinction

32. Anthony Pratt (Dr. Kathryn Matera) - The Effect of Amyloid-Beta on Acetylcholine

33. Thomason Price (Prof. Joel Hollingsworth) - Engineering on the Go: Building a Game to Make Games on the Android Platform

34. Paul Riuli (Dr. Caroline Ketcham & Dr. Paul Miller) - Muscular Responses to Acute Whole Body Vibration

35. Adrienne Rouiller (Dr. Karen Yokeley) - Mathematical Modeling of Synapses Related to Epileptic Seizures

36. Amy Salek (Dr. Wally Bixby) - Examination of over speed training on power, speed, and agility

37. Erica Schenhals (Dr. Tonya Train) - Effect of Oxytocin on Immune Cell Function

38. Ben Schwartz (Dr. Antonio Izzo) - Assessing the potential for interconnectivity between trees of Elon Forest through ectomycorrhizal

39. Kathryn Seringer (Dr. Cynthia Fair) - Illness Meaning Narratives among Adults Living with HIV: The Role of Acceptance and Rejection

40. Natalie Siegenthaler (Dr. Rissa Trachman) - Investigating Small Mounds Toward an Understanding of Ancient Maya Social Organization at the Site of Dos Hombres, Northwestern Belize

41. Cecilia Smith (Dr. Karl Sienerth) - Electrochemiluminescence quenching for detection of explosives

42. Lindsey Smith (Dr. Christopher Leupold) - Creation and Validation of an Entry-Level Professional Assessment Center

43. Bryan Strelow (Dr. Gregory Haenel) - Exploring species boundaries: a genetic study of interactions between North American cricket frogs, acris crepitans and a. gryllus

44. Mark Sundman (Dr. Eric Hall) - The Influence of Genetics on Concussion Rates and Recovery Times Among Student-Athletes

45. Jensen Suther (Dr. Kevin Boyle) - A Negative Aesthetics: Adorno's Beckettian Philosophy of Art

46. Freda Thompson (Dr. Caroline Ketcham) - Hippotherapy in children with developmental delays: Psychological and More Measures

47. Shannalee Van Beek (Prof. Michael Skube) - Examining the East-West narrative through media framing of the 2011 Egypt revolution

48. Kelsey Van Dalfsen (Dr. Victoria Moore) - Evaluating apoptotic proteins in HL-1 cardiomyocytes

49. Caroline York (Dr. Wally Bixby) - The Effects of Acute Aerobic Exercise on Children's Cognition

50. Erica Young (Dr. Mat Gendle) - Effects of oral 5-HTP administration on the Tower of London task performance

Eric Townsend,
5/17/2011 8:11 AM