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Senior class joins alumni ranks with gift to Elon

Student leaders collected more than $28,000 this year from seniors, their parents, grandparents and friends through the Senior Class Giving Campaign, which asked students to make a gift to the area of campus that meant the most to their experience while at Elon.

Senior class president Michael Nowak presents a check of more than $28,000 to Elon University President Leo M. Lambert prior to Commencement on May 21, 2011.

A total of 566 seniors, parents, grandparents and friends contributed to the campaign. Relatives and friends made gifts in honor of their graduating seniors. Senior class president Michael Nowak presented a check for the total amount of $28,652.17 to Elon University President Leo M. Lambert on May 21, 2011, prior to Commencement ceremonies.

Nowak, along with Stephanie White, Tommy Brown, Steve Ferguson, Gina Giuricich, Jordan McFarland,  Nicholas Ochsner, Khirey Walker and Tavianna Williams – members of the Senior Class Giving Committee – led the campaign encouraging classmates to demonstrate their commitment to giving back to Elon before they graduate.

This was the first year that seniors were eligible to become student members of IGNITE by participating in the campaign. A record 27 percent of the senior class participated in this year’s annual giving drive. To see a complete list of senior donors and to learn more about IGNITE, visit www.elon.edu/ignite.

Eric Townsend,
6/22/2011 10:29 AM