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Mileah Kromer & the Elon University Poll make national headlines

North Carolina's role as a presidential battleground state in 2012 has brought the Elon University Poll added attention from national reporters.

Elon University and assistant professor Mileah Kromer have been featured by several major news outlets in recent weeks as political reporters focus their attention on the Tar Heel State. Kromer serves as assistant director of the poll.

The first Elon University Poll of the fall semester asked North Carolina residents about their views on President Barack Obama and his proposed legislation to create new jobs, as well as attitudes on a May vote to ban same-sex marriage in North Carolina through a state constitutional amendment.

Those findings have been reported on by the Associated Press, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Politico, WUNC, News 14 Carolina, State Government Radio and multiple network affiliate news programs in the Tar Heel state.

A sampling of those articles and broadcast appearances:

9/30: Associated Press (via the Houston Chronicle): “NC poll: Majority opposes same-sex marriage ban”

10/8: State Government Radio: “People in Politics with Donna Martinez: Dr. Mileah Kromer”

10/11: WFMY News 2: “Jobs Bill Could Have Real Shot in Senate”

10/15: Fox 8 WGHP: “The Politics of Obama’s Visit to Western NC”

10/17: Politico: “The Obama bus trip: A political guide”

10/17: News York Times: “Looking Toward 2012, Obama Finds North Carolina Less Receptive”

10/17: Boston Globe: “Key backing for Obama slips in N.C.”

10/17: Associated Press (via TIME magazine): “Obama looks to South in bid to help keep his job” The story appeared on websites of news organizations including the Salt Lake Tribune, CBS News, the Boston Globe and the Washington Post.

Eric Townsend,
10/19/2011 3:51 PM